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I am a native bilingual linguist who has been working as a freelance translator since 2009 and I also have extensive experience in teaching English and Greek as foreign languages. In addition, I have attained academic qualifications in Translation, Finance, Politics & Philosophy.

Please see below for feedback received from customers.


I strive to honor deadlines I have agreed upon and I’m comfortable with undertaking urgent tasks.


Curious by nature, I use diverse online and offline resources to perform extensive research until I have found the right word that conveys the meaning, tone and style of the source text with precision.

Flawless Communication

Can be reached by email, phone, Skype or WhatsApp so you can easily communicate any specific requirements or changes before, during or after completion of the project.


Main Language Pairs

Greek → English

English → Greek

Spanish → English

Spanish → Greek

Customer Feedback

Very reliable.
Prompt reply.

Flawless translation work.

Just what a PM ever wants. Definitely recommend.

KICKWORDS translation services
Consistently very accurate translations, with an emphasis on detail and clarity, and particular attention to individual register and style.
We also commend
Mr Michalis’ promptness and efficiency with which he managed to tackle very diverse material.

Highly reliable.

Professional quality subtitles.

Quick turnaround.

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